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2017 All American Yearlings
Mar 30, 2017 at 07:27 PM


Introducing the All American 2017 yearling crop! Proud to say this is our best crop ever!


Name Sire Dam DOB Sex
Speak of the Devil Archangel Topcat Hall 5/7/2016 Filly
Music Matters Art Major Music Row 3/21/2016 Filly
Folklore Art Major Traditional 3/21/2016 Filly
Magnum Opus Art Major Classical Yankee 4/16/2016 Colt
Stag Party Bettor's Delight My Lady Day 2/13/2016 Colt
Flash A Smile Bettor's Delight Mcgrin N Mcbareit 2/20/2016 Filly
Bettor Be Honest Bettor's Delight Moment Of Truth 2/25/2016 Colt
Hard Eight Bettor's Delight Makes You Wonder 3/16/2016 Filly
Beer Before Liquor Cantab Hall Margarita Nights 5/17/2016 Filly
On Your Tab Cantab Hall Soutaine Hanover 4/20/2016 Filly
Nextroundsonme Cantab Hall Senorita Glide 4/19/2016 Colt
Dance with Danger Captaintreacherous Kutekatie 3/7/2016 Filly
Captaintremendous Captaintreacherous Allamerican Memoir 4/13/2016 Colt
Quick On The Draw Credit Winner Smarter Than Smart 4/9/2016 Filly
Safe Word Credit Winner Fifty Shades 4/2/2016 Filly
Time Gone By Credit Winner Mayberry 4/18/2016 Filly
Powerful Words Explosive Matter Your Word Is Good 5/9/2016 Colt
Divine Spirit Father Patrick Celebrity Spirit 4/7/2016 Colt
Shamrocker Father Patrick Amourato 3/21/2016 Filly
Feel the Muscle Muscle Hill Macy Lane 5/25/2016 Colt
Muscle Star Muscle Hill Silverstar Volo 5/28/2016 Colt
Hallywood Hills Muscle Hill Hallywood 4/27/2016 Filly
Nobody To Blame Rocknroll Heaven Bettor Beware 5/11/2016 Colt
Bring The Thunder Somebeachsomewhere Thunder Angel 3/28/2016 Colt
What A Fox Somebeachsomewhere Foxy Lady 1/29/2016 Filly
Beach Please Somebeachsomewhere Lorrie Please 2/25/2016 Colt
Blazing Fast Somebeachsomewhere Blazing Yankee 5/23/2016 Colt
Burning Desire Somebeachsomewhere Carol'S Desire 2/11/2016 Colt
Beach Bar Somebeachsomewhere Dontcrymetheblues 3/11/2016 Filly
Constitution Sportswriter Madison Rose 4/13/2016 Colt
Pick'em Sportswriter Odds On Lassomyhrt 2/26/2016 Colt
Hot Take Sportswriter Ideal Gal 5/18/2016 Colt
Sweet Moves Sweet Lou Riverboat Queen 3/1/2016 Filly
Well Hello Again Well Said Helen Of Leda 3/7/2016 Filly
Roar of Approval Well Said Allamerican Calico 4/14/2016 Colt
Cold Brew Western Ideal Kahlua Queen 3/19/2016 Filly
Wild Wild Western Western Ideal Caila Fra 4/14/2016 Colt
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2016 Lexington Yearlings
Sep 09, 2016 at 10:24 PM

Complete Roster and Videos for the 2016 Lexington Selected Sale!

We have a small but impressive consignment this year that we are proud to show off. We will start showing them on Monday, October 3 at Barn 13. Yearlings are available to inspect at the farm now.

Hip #








Sand Castle Artist

Art Major

Barbuda Babe




Babes Dig Me


Western Babe




Cold Beer Here

Cantab Hall

Senorita Glide




Tequila Talkin

Cantab Hall

Margarita Nights




What a Knockout

Donato Hanover

Southwind Sofia



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2016 Yearlings
Apr 01, 2016 at 10:24 AM

2014 AAH Graduate Boston Red Rocks winning the Breeders Crown (Credit Mark Hall)

We are proud to announce our 2016 yearlings, selling at the Lexington Selected Sale and the Standardbred Horse Sale in 2016!


Horse Name Stallion Name Mare Name DOB Sex
That's Not Funny Western Ideal Allamerican Laugh 3/10/2015 Filly
Sand Castle Artist Art Major Barbuda Babe 3/18/2015 Colt
Put Into Words Well Said Bettor Beware 5/8/2015 Colt
Time to Boogie A Rocknroll Dance Caila Fra 2/27/2015 Filly
Tell Me A Joke Art Major Camadian 2/14/2015 Filly
Eyesalright Yankee Glide Celebrity Blueyes 3/8/2015 Colt
Spiritofmysister Donato Hanover Celebrity Spirit 4/2/2015 Colt
Rich Tradition Somebeachsomewhere Classical Yankee 3/31/2015 Filly
Cool Blues Man Art Major Dontcrymetheblues 3/21/2015 Colt
Hello You Rocknroll Heaven Helen Of Leda 2/26/2015 Colt
Strong Coffee Well Said Kahlua Queen 3/24/2015 Filly
Love the Action Bettor's Delight Koutzina 5/19/2015 Colt
Ready for Summer Somebeachsomewhere Kutekatie 1/30/2015 Colt
Size Me Up Well Said Makes You Wonder 3/1/2015 Colt
Tequila Talkin Cantab Hall Margarita Nights 4/11/2015 Colt
Act Like a Diva Roll With Joe Music Row 3/29/2015 Filly
Bad Little Dude Badlands Hanover One Eyed Floozie 5/5/2015 Colt
Prymetyme Shine Well Said Prymetyme Scootie 4/23/2015 Filly
On a Boat Western Ideal Riverboat Queen 2/24/2015 Filly
Playin the Ponies Bettor's Delight Rockonomics 2/20/2015 Filly
Cold Beer Here Cantab Hall Senorita Glide 5/2/2015 Colt
Don’t Be Silly Donato Hanover Silly Senorita 5/13/2015 Colt
Sharp As a Tack Credit Winner Smarter Than Smart 4/21/2015 Filly
Smoke and Mirrors Kadabra Soutaine Hanover 4/25/2015 Filly
What a Knockout Donato Hanover Southwind Sofia 5/1/2015 Filly
Best Dressed Donato Hanover Warrawee Krisp 4/19/2015 Filly
Babes Dig Me Somebeachsomewhere Western Babe 4/15/2015 Colt
More Power Muscle Hill Yankee Senorita 5/18/2015 Colt
What's the Word Donato Hanover Your Word Is Good 5/8/2015 Colt
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