All American annually sells 40-50 yearlings at the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale and the Standardbred Horse Sale. We have placed an emphasis on quality over quantity and is committed to raising horses the natural way.

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32Always on the ListAlways B MikiA List HanoverMarch 25, 2018ColtLexington
421Grand CaymanAlways B MikiBarbuda BabeMarch 6, 2018ColtLexington
162Nature BoyAlways B MikiFoxy LadyMay 2, 2018ColtHarrisburg
52Off the RecordAlways B MikiSouthwind SilenceMarch 27, 2018FillyLexington
423Wantyou to WantmeAlways B MikiCarol'S DesireMay 13, 2018ColtHarrisburg
363Without ExceptionAlways B MikiKutekatieMay 1, 2018ColtHarrisburg
366PinupArt MajorWestern BabeMarch 30, 2018FillyHarrisburg
792Rope the MoonArt MajorOdds On LassomyhrtMarch 16, 2018ColtHarrisburg
422Test of FaithArt MajorCannae CammieApril 30, 2018FillyHarrisburg
244Bottom LineBetting LineBlazing YankeeMarch 30, 2018ColtLexington
598LinemakerBetting LineHelen Of LedaApril 25, 2018ColtHarrisburg
347Move the LineBetting LineThunder AngelMay 8, 2018ColtHarrisburg
376Bettor Say YesBettor's DelightYes DeerMay 2, 2018FillyHarrisburg
622House EdgeBettor's DelightPrymetyme ScootieApril 15, 2018FillyHarrisburg
860NevergonnagiveuupBettor's DelightFashion SurealFebruary 2, 2018FillyHarrisburg
503Bird On a WireCantab HallBirdsong HanoverJune 5, 2018ColtHarrisburg
226In StyleCantab HallWarrawee KrispMay 25, 2018FillyHarrisburg
82Captain PartyCaptaintreacherousMy Lady DayMarch 12, 2018ColtLexington
255Moment to ShineCaptaintreacherousMoment Of TruthApril 23, 2018ColtHarrisburg
353Unwritten RuleCaptaintreacherousTraditionalMay 7, 2018ColtHarrisburg
653Hit the BooksChapter SevenSmarter Than SmartMay 18, 2018FillyHarrisburg
171LiquidationChapter SevenSilverstar VoloFebruary 27, 2018FillyLexington
116Seven HighChapter SevenExplosive HighJanuary 26, 2018FillyLexington
237Seven Nation ArmyChapter SevenMargarita NightsMay 19, 2018ColtHarrisburg
433General TsoFather PatrickWon Ton HanoverFebruary 12, 2018ColtLexington
375Sister SenoritaFather PatrickYankee SenoritaMay 28, 2018FillyHarrisburg
70What A LuckoutFather PatrickSouthwind SofiaMay 9, 2018ColtHarrisburg
261BialyMuscle HillKolachkeApril 26, 2018FillyLexington
324CutoffsMuscle HillSoutaine HanoverMay 14, 2018FillyHarrisburg
25Lookin SnazzyMuscle HillLookin SharpMay 22, 2018ColtHarrisburg
211Easy to PleaseRoll With JoeLorrie PleaseMarch 11, 2018FillyHarrisburg
842LadysingsthebluesRoll With JoeDontcrymethebluesApril 2, 2018FillyHarrisburg
668State of MindRoll With JoeState Of JoyApril 9, 2018FillyHarrisburg
148Bayfield BeachSomebeachsomewhereDb Blue ChipApril 6, 2018ColtHarrisburg
210Beach BroSomebeachsomewhereMistresstothestarsMay 14, 2018ColtLexington
36Number One HitSomebeachsomewhereMusic RowApril 30, 2018ColtHarrisburg
284Parts UnknownSomebeachsomewherePegMarch 15, 2018FillyHarrisburg
144SummeringSomebeachsomewhereAddy GirlApril 22, 2018FillyLexington
252Under PressureSomebeachsomewhereArrivista HanoverMarch 23, 2018FillyLexington